Jeffrey Maier will stay home for this Yankees-Orioles series16 years ago today, Jeffrey Maier ripped out the hearts of Orioles fans and became part of one of the most historically terrible calls from an umpire in the history of Major League Baseball. That was October 9, 1996. Today is October 9, 2012 and we still haven’t forgiven him.

The once 12-year-old Maier now is 28 and he tells the New York Post that he won’t be out at Yankee Stadium — I should say the new Yankee Stadium — to rob any deep fly balls during the Yankees-Orioles matchup in the American League Division Series.

“Tell them I am going to watch it sitting in my living room over the fireplace on a Samsung,” Maier told George A. King III. Then Samsung sent him a check for the shoutout.

Maier is married to a Red Sox fan and believe it or not, he has kids of his own.