Here at BSR, we’ve been cranking up the Prince Fielder to Baltimore bandwagon for months.  Hopefully in November, we’ll be celebrating his arrival to the Charm City.

Former general manager and ESPN baseball analyst Jim Bowden thinks that the Orioles are the best fit for Fielder and he listed the O’s number one in his top seven teams to pursue the free agent slugger.

With the recent draft of Dylan Bundy, the Orioles now have a future top of the rotation of Zach Britton, Bundy and Brian Matusz. The Orioles drafted shortstop Manny Machado last year with the second overall pick in the draft. He is a future two-way star, and with catcher Matt Wieters and center fielder Adam Jones, they will give the O’s a strong up-the-middle team. If the Orioles can now sign a young, impact middle-of-the-order bat such as Fielder, they will be well on their way to becoming legitimate contenders. Fielder’s daily positive energy and 40-50 home runs will be a difference-maker for the Orioles’ offense.

The price tag will be steep and the competition will be tough, but if the O’s are able to land Prince, the reward will most definitely be great. We’ll have to eagerly await November. It should be a fun offseason.