UPDATE 2:20 PM:  The Ravens announced on Twitter that it’s a done deal.  Jim Caldwell is the team’s new quarterbacks coach.

Think of it as a trade.

The Ravens give the Colts their best coach, defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, and return they get Indy’s Jim Caldwell, who was fired after a 2-14 season.  Awesome.

7:00 AM: ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting (in a suit from a library) that Caldwell met with the Steelers over the weekend and he “plans to join” the Ravens offensive staff.  “Likely as a QB coach,” Schefter tweets.

Could this be the Ravens first step in luring Peyton Manning?

Haha. No.  But that’s a fun topic to discuss during a long offseason.


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  1. Just another ‘yes man’ for the great pretender of a coach,,,,,,,,,,,,yes mr harbaugh , no mr harbaugh , I guess mr harbaugh ——–this move does nothing to improve this team it’s only a move to help harbaugh feel more like a coach , just one more voice telling him how good he is,,,,,,,,,,,he makes me sick………..five years of this guy is enough to make you puke………..

  2. Then again,,,,,,,,, everyone makes me puke….even myself. its about time i get off my arse and do something with my life,,,,,,,anotherwards, i gotta stop pretending and move out of my folks house,,,,,,,,.

    • Obviously this imposter is jealous of my tremendous life style at my water front home that is paid for,,,,,,,,,,,,I just wonder if it isn’t he who is living in his parents basement with the water bugs…………..funny man………..

  3. Lets be honest here : spy’s original comment here is correct. The imposter is annoying.

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