Former Orioles executive and current host of the Power Alley radio program, Jim Duquette, was a guest on Sirius XM’s MLB Network Radio last night to discuss the life of his former Orioles front office partner Mike Flanagan.

During the interview, Duquette told MLB Roundtrip‘s Mike Ferrin that Flanny never knew how much he was loved in Baltimore.  “He didn’t understand the true magnitude he had on people’s lives.”

Even after his 17 year legacy in Baltimore that included the 1979 American League Cy Young Award, the last pitch thrown in Memorial Stadium, being part of a 1991 combined no-hitter and eventually working as a pitching coach, executive and color analyst for the team, Flanagan never knew just how much love the city of Baltimore had for him.

“And now after the fact this outpouring of caring and love for this guy [and] what he meant for them as a hero, as a player, as a mentor in a lot of cases, people that I work with or that have worked with Mike [have] expressed to me tonight, I wish he knew now what has come out. I wish he knew recently what people though about him because it’s overwhelming how much he meant to this community.

For Flanagan, Orioles baseball was a part huge part of his life.  “It bothered him that the Orioles weren’t doing well…even when he wasn’t running the club he was so vested in the community and so vested in the team. He bled Orange.”