Jim Irsay wants to turn Ed Reed into a wide receiver

John Harbaugh told the Baltimore media that the Ravens aren’t interested in bringing back Ed Reed. “We’re happy with what we have,” Harbaugh said according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Our guys are playing well, so that’s where we’re at.”

Thank goodness. Reed’s shenanigans are the last thing the Ravens need.

So where does Reed end up? Are his days in the NFL over?

I don’t think so. Someone will take a flyer on him — I don’t know why, but they will. Maybe his pal Bill Belichick in New England or maybe the Indianapolis Colts.

Colts owner Jim Irsay took to the Twitter (as he does) and asked fans what they thought about this master plan:

  1. Colts sign Ed Reed
  2. Use him as a wide receiver in “limited special packages for WR plays”
  3. Reed plays backup safety and “some role n return game”

Please, please, please do this. We all need a good laugh on Sunday afternoons.