What a heartbreaker.

The Orioles dropped another tough one in Arizona when Jim Johnson blew his league leading eighth save in the Diamondback’s 4-3 victory. NL MVP candidate Paul Goldschmidt took Johnson deep to start to the bottom of the ninth, then hit a walkoff homer against T.J. McFarland in the 11th.

It took Johnson 30 pitches to work the ninth inning, he surrendered three hits and struck out one.

JJ threw Goldschmidt five 94-95 MPH two-seam fastballs. He fell behind 3-1 and left a belt high pitch to one of the game’s best hitters with his fifth pitch of the at-bat.

Jim  Johnson vs. Paul  Goldschmidt - August 13, 2013

Goldy didn’t miss.

Lack of command plagued Johnson yet again as he fell behind Aaron Hill and Wil Nieves 2-0 and Didi Gregorius 3-1. Johnson left far too many pitches in the top two thirds of the strikezone.

Jim  Johnson PITCHf/x - August 13, 2013


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  1. Yes his command is off a bit but I don’t see the movement on his fastball anymore,,,,,,,I have no idea why the movement is no longer there,,,,,,,,I honestly thought it was natural for his fastball to move the final third of the way to the plate but it obviously wasn’t,,,,,,,,you would think the pitching coach would know why , if he doesn’t get it back , he’s toast…………..

  2. Its time to close by committie. You can’t trust him when the game is on the line. Which is when you need him.

  3. If Roberts doesn’t hit, we sit him, if Wieters doesn’t hit, we sit him. If Johnson blows saves, we should sit him. That’s all that’s to it. Why does he stand above sitting? Bring in KRod. If he can’t do the job, find someone who can. 8 F-ing blown saves = 8 more wins and 1st place in the East. Case closed!

  4. I agree with 9inch johnson needs to sit out. Make him a setup giy. Put in k rod at least k rod can find a way to get guys out. Jimmys days should be done for a while. Sit it out and watch k rod do the job for you. Unless you step up your game. Buck needs to light a fire in someones tail over the last two nights = two games we shoulda won. SLACKERS

  5. I think Buck should shake things up as well but he seems to be a very loyal guy, maybe to fault. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him stick with JJ and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe thats why he has a history of four years with a club and then things go south.

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