Joe FlaccoEveryone knows someone who missed the birth of a child. Usually their stories are long and elaborate and are about something crazy that happened on the way to the hospital.

Not Joe Flacco. He skipped the hospital visit altogether.

Flacco’s wife Dana gave birth to their second child, Daniel Flacco, about an hour before the game on Sunday. The Ravens tweeted the news just before kickoff and informed fans that the Super Bowl XLVII MVP had warmed up with the team and would start against the Browns.

In fact, Flacco was the last player introduced during the team’s home opener at M&T Bank Stadium.

I’m sure Flacco’s decision to play will be controversial to some. I keep waiting for that fiery opinion piece. Don’t worry, you won’t it find here.

Thankfully everything went well for the Flaccos on Sunday. They welcomed a healthy new baby boy and Joe led the Ravens to a 14-6 win over Cleveland with 211 yards passing and a touchdown.

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  1. No wonder he likes Johnny Manziel. They’re kindred spirits. The only people I ever knew to miss the birth of their child are the ones who were deployed…not playing football.

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