Joe Flacco capped off a busy day with an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback had a press conference in New Orleans, then flew to Orlando for his parade in Disney World, then up to New York to appear on a late night talk show.

Letterman asked Flacco about his contract negotiations with the Ravens and he admitted that he didn’t want to sign the initial deal that was offered by team’s front office. “I think the time has come” Flacco said.

Of course, Ray Lewis was brought up during the interview.

“Half the time I don’t know [what Ray Lewis’ deal is],” Flacco joked. “Come Sunday he is something special.”

The Superdome blackout was also mentioned. As details continue to emerge, Flacco admitted that he has heard some crazy explanations. “My dad is a big conspiracy theorist,” he said.

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  1. Joe was really good on Letterman last night. He could be cashing in, not only with a big contract, but also with Madison Avenue.

  2. Ditto MGW’s observation on Joe’s Lettermen appearance. Average Joe was better than I expected. Ray Rice on Live with Kelly was also quite entertaining. Jacoby Jones on the SI cover. Look out world, Baltimore is coming at you in a BIG way.

  3. We always knew these guys were IN , now the rest of the world is finding this out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Go boys go…………..

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