Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens QB

With four games remaining in the NFL regular season, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is on pace for arguably the best season of his seven year NFL career. Praise Kubiak!

Here’s how it breaks down:

TD TD/INT Total Yards CMP% QBR
2014 20 2.5 2,989 63.1 71.2
Projected 27 2.45 3,985 63.1 71.2
Previous High 25 2.5 3,912 63.1 59.7

Flacco has to throw five more touchdowns to tie his career-high from 2010 and while his TD/INT ratio currently matches his best total (also from the 2010 season), he’s projected to throw three more interceptions in 2014. Perhaps most notable is the leap in QBR, up nearly 11 points from the 59.7 he posted in ’10.

Who says this guy is overpaid?

H/T: spooky981 on Ravens subreddit