After the Orioles 2012 season, I’d be a hypocrite if I argued that the Baltimore Ravens were worse than their 9-2 record indicates. You earn every win in pro sports, even the ones dependent on 4th and 29 conversions.

The one glowing concern that still seems to loom large over the Ravens is the performance of quarterback Joe Flacco. Yes, I know that he finished with 355 yards and a touchdown and didn’t turn the ball over, but his weaknesses are still very apparent — especially on the road.

Joe Flacco still having issues on the road
Image Credit: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

You can say that Flacco’s pass to Torrey Smith on 3rd and 10 in overtime was a clutch play that helped setup Justin Tucker’s 38 yard game winning field goal, but to me, it looked like another under-thrown ball that Smith turned into a miracle catch.

Sure, Flacco led the Ravens to 13 points after the third quarter, but that followed the offense punting in their first six possessions of the game.

It’s concerning to me that Flacco never seemed to hit a receiver in stride down the sideline at all on Sunday. It’s baffling that he audibled into an overloaded defense twice. Remember when he changed the play at the line on 4th and 1 at the Chargers’ 14 yard line in the third quarter? That didn’t turn out too well.

The argument for Flacco is that he isn’t killing the Ravens. He’s a game manager. He’s thrown one interception in his last four games. But is that the guy you sign to a long-term deal? Is he the guy you hope to win a championship with?

All signs point to “no”.

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