After the Orioles 2012 season, I’d be a hypocrite if I argued that the Baltimore Ravens were worse than their 9-2 record indicates. You earn every win in pro sports, even the ones dependent on 4th and 29 conversions.

The one glowing concern that still seems to loom large over the Ravens is the performance of quarterback Joe Flacco. Yes, I know that he finished with 355 yards and a touchdown and didn’t turn the ball over, but his weaknesses are still very apparent — especially on the road.

Joe Flacco still having issues on the road
Image Credit: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

You can say that Flacco’s pass to Torrey Smith on 3rd and 10 in overtime was a clutch play that helped setup Justin Tucker’s 38 yard game winning field goal, but to me, it looked like another under-thrown ball that Smith turned into a miracle catch.

Sure, Flacco led the Ravens to 13 points after the third quarter, but that followed the offense punting in their first six possessions of the game.

It’s concerning to me that Flacco never seemed to hit a receiver in stride down the sideline at all on Sunday. It’s baffling that he audibled into an overloaded defense twice. Remember when he changed the play at the line on 4th and 1 at the Chargers’ 14 yard line in the third quarter? That didn’t turn out too well.

The argument for Flacco is that he isn’t killing the Ravens. He’s a game manager. He’s thrown one interception in his last four games. But is that the guy you sign to a long-term deal? Is he the guy you hope to win a championship with?

All signs point to “no”.

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    • Let’s be fair in this matter. There were a lot of dropped passes, as well as poor protection with the O-Line with an emphasis on Reid and Birk who were both getting man handled. Everyone has to do their part in order for this to be a success.

  2. Zach, you said “Remember when he changed the play at the line on 4th and 1 at the Chargers’ 14 yard line in the third quarter? That didn’t turn out too well”… Maybe that is why Harbaugh (I cannot stand Harbaugh, the Ravens win despite this clown) and Cameron wouldn’t let him make or change calls for years, because he’s stupid. That play right there was one of the dumbest calls in that game. You run a QB sneak or line plunge but you don’t change the call to a sweep to the right… The cameras even showed Harbaugh (I cannot stand Harbaugh, the Ravens win despite this clown) shaking his head after that play.

    A guy at work actually told me today that Flacco lead the Ravens to a come from behind victory yesterday. WTF? Flacco was the reason that the Ravens had to come from behind to win the damn game!

    twarren, not getting on you buddy but you said “Everyone has to do their part in order for this to be a success”, but I bet your one of the fans who touts Flacco’s record and how Flacco got the Ravens to the playoffs the last four years.

    MGW and I have been saying for years that this team wins not because of Flacco and Harbaugh. In fact, take away Flacco and Harbaugh, put in a Mike Tomlin / John Gruden and a Eli Manning / Peyton Manning / Drew Brees and this team wins at least one Super Bowl in the last four years. And don’t say anything about the QB’s I mentioned because it’s you fans who hold Flacco up to an elite status as does Flacco comparable to those QB’s I mentioned.

    I watched alot of games since this past Thursday and alot of times the camera’s caught the team’s QB talking to his offense on the sidelines. In fact, just yesterday the camera’s caught Peyton Manning who was “miked” talking to his offensive linemen telling them that the touchdown they just got was on them because of the outstanding way they played on that series. 38 year old Manning still getting his team keyed up after all these years. Hell, when you see a camera on Flacco on the sidelines, no one is around him and never is he talking to his teammates about plays or such. Seriously. Check it out one time. To me, it looks like Flacco’s teammates don’t like him or Flacco thinks he’s “too elite” to be going over plays with his offense.

  3. At least twarren has some common sense here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I don’t see it anywhere else on this article…………

    • hahaha .. doh! I’m not complete Flacco supporter, but the truth has been told by twarren… the team needs to take accountability together. Maybe 2488 should put that in is pipe and smoke it instead of that crazy stuff that’s messing with his mind.

    • Zach you seem to forget his AFC Title game performance, he made the throw that had them in the Superbowl crackhead. It’s not his fault Lee Evans chose to choke at that moment. The Ravens know he had them in the Superbowl with that throw and that alone convinced them to not go after Peyton Manning to come to the conclusion to keep Joe here longterm.

  4. Dude, Spy, Jim from Dundalk and any other assclown name you use… You spent a lot of time at the Betty Ford Clinic during your pre-teen years didn’t you?

    Ravens2488 has sided with you over the past year a number of times and now your goina rock him… WTF?

    Look assclown, instead of talking on here, grab your juice box, go grab some Saigon whores, bring them up to your DoJo and then have your mother make all of you some macaroni & cheese…

    • hey, there he is, the Intimator. I knew you’d show your ugly mugshot at some point running a mouthful of garbage about every body that visits this site… what a winner. keep it coming nut-bag, you’re a ball of laughs.

  5. I hope Joe Flacco decides not to resign with the Ravens so he can go somewhere else where he is appreciated. Zach I challenge you to tell me who you would replace Joe Flacco with who will be available this offseason and can actually help the Ravens win a Superbowl. I want the best for Joe and the city of Baltimore doesn’t deserve him nor do they deserve a football team, hell this city ran the Colts out of town. Joe go to a team and city that appreciates you.

  6. I’m confused on your assessment of the 4th and 1. Ravens lett tackle completely missed his block and his assignment tackled Peirce.

    On the ravens opening drives they ran no huddle which worked until 2 3rd down drops.

    This is Ravens football, not air it out Patroits style.

    Last year this team was blown out in San Diego. Lets celebrate our 9-2 qb. 350+ passing is impresdive

  7. Daniel, are you on the Columbian Bam-Bam? You say Baltimore doesn’t deserve a football team? Why? Because Joe is an average QB and the fans of Baltimore know black from white and most know that Flacco is just a little bit better than Trent Dilfer.

    You also know that Baltimore sells out during every Ravens game but in your feeble mind they still don’t deserve a team.

    Keep hanging at the strip clubs Dingo, that’s about the best part of your life. Word of advice though… When you’re at the strip club, stop telling the whores that your fantasy is to live at “Neverland Ranch”… You ain’t gettin shit with that line…

  8. FellsPointChris… Flacco’s 350+ passing is impressive? Really?

    Ok how about these impressive numbers of Flacco’s this year…

    232 yards – Eagles
    187 yards – Chiefs
    234 yards – Cowboys
    147 yards – Texans
    153 yards – Browns
    164 yards – Steelers

    Other than the Texans these teams are exactly world beaters in defense! And yes, the Steelers are not either due to injuries…

    And these numbers…

    355 yards – Chargers – 1 TOUCHDOWN!
    356 yards – Browns – 1 TOUCHDOWN!

    You know why one touchdown? Because Flacco pads his numbers with dump off passess to Rice!

    Don’t go picking a stat out and calling it impressive when there are a shitload of others this year that show Flacco as below average…

    And you say this is Ravens football… Explain to me just what Ravens football is on offense. We know what it is on defense but Harbaugh doesn’t have a clue about this offense. Ravens offense is helter skelter.

    Before you go spouting off do some research first…

    • I see wins on the board douchey…. In the end, it may not look pretty, but as long we have one more point than them is all that matters. More wins on the board than other teams means more games at home, so don’t forget that tranny.

  9. Intimidator,

    You did read right, 350+ passing is impressive. 9-2 is awesome as well.

    How many turnovers dies Flacco have? How many games have Flacco cost the Ravens?

    What are you talking about? You want Joe to
    Air it out 50 times a game and be 9-2?

  10. Ravens offense isnt going to force passes on 1st and 2nd down when receivers cant get separation.

    Didnt mean to be disrespectful. It is what it is. The ravens play a team game. For them
    To lose, the other team has to outscore them.

  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Mark Sanchez. Sam Bradford. Carson Palmer. These are all QBs starting for other NFL teams. You’re telling me you would take any of these guys over Joe? Of course not.

    Elite quarterbacks are at a premium in this league. Drew Breeses don’t grow on trees.

    Joe is average. He’s a game manager. He’s not elite. Still, if you ask “Is he the guy you hope to win a championship with?” I’m thinking back to the 2000-2001 season…and Trent Dilfer…and I’m gonna say “YES.”

  12. Drew –

    I dont know what elite means. QB’s considered elite have struggled this season. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers… It’s a team game. For a qb to be successful, the team has to play up to par.

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