Joe Flacco not a fan of Terrell Suggs questions
Image Credit: Sabina Moran/PressBox

Needless to say, questions about Terrell Suggs return dominated the Baltimore Ravens press room on Thursday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported in the morning that Suggs was planning a top secret return to the field after tearing his Achilles on the court during the offseason.

When QB Joe Flacco stepped up to the mic, he too was asked about a potential T-Sizzle return. Flacco didn’t seem nearly as excited as the rest of Baltimore did though.

On how much he noticed and felt for OLB Terrell Suggs, who has been sidelined: “I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to him on the sidelines, but yes, you don’t want to be a guy who wants to help his team out and has to be over there – that’s for sure.”

On what it would be like for Suggs to come back: “I don’t know. We’ll have to see.”

On if it would be an emotional boost getting Suggs on the practice field: “I guess. I don’t really know. I’m not really too emotional about those kinds of things. I don’t think it should affect me too much.”

I guess Suggs isn’t Flacco’s Favorite.


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  1. give him a break. who is he supposed to be – the amazing kreskin?

  2. I think this is more media than Joe. We all know how melancholy #5 is. He’s right by the way. He needs to be focused on running a good game plan & exploiting his #1 advisary J.Joseph. These questions would better suit Pees.

  3. Yeah, Ol’ Flacco is a great leader… A comment like, “Suggs coming back would be a great boost to the team” would have been good… But no, Ol’ Flacco is all about himself. This clown couldn’t lead Chow to Spy’s house…

  4. Leave Flacco and his fu man chu alone….I will have The Intimidator kick your ass.

  5. 9Incher, I know you agree with me. Actually wouldn’t want the Intimidator on my case. The dude is harsh but I have to admit he calls it as he see’s it. He’s taken up for alot of people on here. He’s the type I would want on my team…

  6. I want The Intimidator on my team if we were banging beyotches or in a street fight. Although I hear he fights in his bare feet….

  7. Maybe The Intimidator is a “Lover” and not a “Fighter”…

  8. Here we go, Mr. F’ing Elite QB…7/20 52 yds and 2 INTs. Elite my ass! He is no more an elite QB than I am Miss America, Shades of Kyle Boller today!

  9. Agree 9Incher… These clowns make Flacco out to be an elite QB, in fact Flacco even said he was one, but the guy is not a Leader or a “Go To” QB.

    Flacco is average at best. Flacco cannot take a team on his back much the same way as Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Favre, Roethlisberger, etc…

    I’ve said this for years, MGW can verify, but look on the sidelines during games. The QB’s that are leaders are talking to their receivers or offensive line but not Flacco. He sits off by himself. The clown is not a leader.

    I know you disagree with me, but like the other BSR article about Flacco being asked about Suggs returning. Flacco, if he was a team leader would have said something like “It’s great to have Suggs back, it’s a pickup for the defense what with losing Ray Lewis and Webb”… But he’s not a team leader.

    And finally! During the game today an announcer finally said that Flacco pads his totals with the dump passes to Rice. Yeah the 5 dump passes that were caught at that time of the game adds to Flacco’s percentage but those 5 passes totaled 12 freaking yards!

    Flacco has two passes, the dump off to Rice and the 40 yards “Down the Sideline” pass to Smith. Make Flacco throw true passes to receivers on the run or over 8 yards and he can’t do it. His yards after catch has to be low because his receivers always have to either stop and wait for the ball or jump in the air for it.

    I never cared for this overrated clown since he came to Baltimore.

  10. Man, I am agreeing with you more and more. We should meet one day. As spy would say, Let’s see Harbaugh coach ’em up. Harbaugh couldn’t coach up a bunch of pimps in Harlem! He only wish he could coach like his brother. We will see the real Harbaugh now. I know you disagree with me cause you two went to the same college. I have been saying for weeks now, the Ravens defense is DONE, TOAST!

    Hoping young Mr Wilt puts something together one wekend for all of the BSR followers!

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