Joe Flacco comments on Ray Lewis' motivational speechesNow that Ray Lewis has left the playing field and stepped into an ESPN studio to sit at a desk with 26 other analysts, the Ravens have posted a want ad for a new motivational speaker. I’m guessing it probably won’t be Joe Flacco.

“That’s not me,” Flacco says. “I love Ray, and I love how he always spoke from the heart, but if you listened to those speeches, a lot of them didn’t even make sense. He meant everything he was saying, but I didn’t know what he was talking about 90 percent of the time.”

That’s what the Super Bowl XLVII MVP told Kevin Van Valkenburg of ESPN The Magazine.

Though it probably won’t sit well with fans, I think deep down we all agree with Flacco. I love Lewis as much as the next diehard Ravens fan, but most of his quotes were often a series of words that sounded good, but had no actual meaning.

Hey, whatever. It worked.