Before defeating the Houston Texans last week, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco told the media, ” I’m sure if we win, I’ll have nothing to do with why we won, according to you guys.”

He was right.  He didn’t have anything to do with it.

In fact, Flacco has had little to do with the five postseason games that he has won over his four year career.  But that’s okay.  In my opinion, the Ravens have a good chance of winning the AFC Championship if Flacco has little to do with Cam Cameron’s game plan.

Even after his media criticism last week and Ed Reed’s evaluation, Flacco still took another shot at the media on Wednesday.

“I’ll be wearing a ring and the perception still probably won’t change,” Flacco said according to a tweet by Aaron Wilson.

If Flacco leads the Ravens to victory in Super Bowl 46, the perception absolutely will change.  If he wants more recognition, that’s the only way to get it.

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  1. I have always loved that Joe Flacco is quiet, understated and deflects attention towards this teammates. Lately he has just gotten so bitter with the media and out in front of the cameras; it’s not like him. I hope he stops focusing on what people are saying and just goes out and wins games. He will be considered elite if he keeps winning and starts playing at a higher level. I sincerely think people want to like him, they just need to see the numbers.

  2. It has become the biggest fad for tabloid sports writers to knock
    Joe . From Skip Bayless to the idot the said Joe was number 22 QB, between Yates and Orlovsky , these gossip column sports writers try to use Joe to make a name for themselves . I am sick of it and Joe and most of the Ravens are sick of it . Rodgers , Brees , Ryan , Stafford and Roetlisberger are all home . Joe is still playing

  3. Flacco had nothing to do with the win. Right. Despite being pressured on almost every play, watching receivers drop five passes (and Rice fall down on his last one, a game clinching first down if he doesn’t), seeing no receiver come back to him when he was flushed from the pocket, and not throwing any picks by forcing passes when pressured (Yates threw three – should have been six – despite no pressure at all), Flacco is a goat.

  4. Flacco is not only being criticized by the fans and media, but also his own teammates.

    Guys, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I think he’s got the physical talent, but he’s a half-a-day behind the rest of the world.

  5. Gotta agree with MGW… There is something going on with this team and Flacco… When you have a veteran like Reed criticize Flacco then something is going on…

    BTW, this team wins inspite of Flacco…

  6. I agree there is something going on here , but other guys have to step up as well as Joe,,,,,,,,,,,the o-line has been terrible and where was Ray Rice last week , another no show in a playoff game and where was Ngata and Suggs ??????????
    These guys are not getting up for big games , whose fault is that ?

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