Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a believer in Joe Flacco.  I think we’ve seen what the guy is capable of and despite being disappointed with the end result of the AFC championship game, I was encouraged by the Flacco’s performance for the entire sixty minutes.

With all that said.  He isn’t a top five quarterback in the NFL right now.

Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta, disagrees with me on that one.  He told Matt Vensel of The Baltimore Sun that he sees his client at the top of the league at his position.  “If the game is about wins and losses, he has to be in the top five ,” Linta said.

In wins and losses I guess he’s right, but that’s a stupid way to judge any athlete.  I’ve hated the win/loss column for pitchers in baseball and think its even more meaningless in this argument.

I certainly believe that Flacco could eventually crack that top five list.  After watching Eli Manning’s transformation this season, hell anything can happen.

But he shouldn’t be expecting top five money in my opinion.  Not yet at least.

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