During the second period of the Washington Capitals 3-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Capitals found themselves desperately needing a spark. John Erskine and Tom Wilson decided to not only give them that spark, but turn that spark into a huge bonfire.

Tom Wilson was challenged to a fight by Leafs forward Carter Ashton, who probably regrets that decision.

Tom Wilson gave Ashton quite the beating, but he also gave his knuckles one as well.

Kind of creepy that he's smiling... (Photo credit: Ian Oland)
Kind of creepy that he’s smiling… (Photo credit: Ian Oland)


Photo credit: Ian Oland
Photo credit: Ian Oland

Despite that beating, the Maple Leafs still hadn’t learned their lesson yet, as enforcer Colton Orr went after John Erskine. Erskine, a charitable one, was more than happy to give Orr a free butt whooping.

Here’s a gif of Erskine’s knockout punch, courtesy of Japers Rink.

Erskine fight

That’s right Maple Leafs. Not only is your bacon inferior, your tough guys are too.

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  1. If Dr. Buddy Rydell had witnessed this he may have said Erskin “kicked some serious monk ass!”

    Wilson’s melee was good, but Erskin’s has to rank one of the season’s best.

  2. Ya, umm, John Erskine is Canadian. Please research some facts before writing.

  3. And so is Wilson for that matter.

  4. I was referencing your hockey teams. Also, your two best players (Kessel and JVR) are American. You’re welcome.

  5. I was referencing Canada’s hockey team (The Maple Leafs), you know what I’m talking aboot?

  6. A physical therapy student? Hahaha bum dart professional who doesn’t realize that his tough guys as well as nearly every heavy weight enforcer minus george parros (who’s not doing so hot) is Canadian. Silly prick.

  7. Stick to what you know, you get an erection from ovechkin and bacon…

  8. Please stop putting words into my mouth and show me where I denied that. All I ever implied was that the Toronto Maple Leafs are worse than the Capitals.

  9. “That’s right Maple Leafs. Not only is your bacon inferior, your tough guys are too.” Clearly the bacon comment implies an American and Canadian thing not a team thing. Ya bum

  10. Unless he’s talking about maple leaf’s bacon in specific which I’m sure they don’t produce. Then I didn’t know Washington Capitals made bacon.

  11. No, that implies that Toronto’s bacon (Canadian Bacon) sucks, and that the Toronto Maple Leafs’ tough guys are inferior to the Washington Capitals’ tough guys.

  12. Pretty sure everybody makes bacon. Why don’t we have Phil Kessel and Alex Ovechkin cook bacon so that we can truly determine who makes better bacon?

  13. Also calling that a knockout punch is also incorrect, in order for a punch to be a knockout punch someone has to lose consciousness. By your standard half the fights in the nhl end via knockout. If that were the case all the report types such as your self would be to busy complaining about fighting to worry about anything else. Baltimoresportsreports….. Tell your writers to check their facts before they write. Ya big batch of jokes

  14. Riley, go back to your bridge, I’m sure whatever bridge you live under misses its troll.

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