Besides awesome new uniforms, this season was a complete disaster for the Maryland Terps football team.  After letting Ralph Friedgen go, athletic director Kevin Anderson looked to start anew with Randy Edsall as the team’s head coach.  Now after a horrendous season, John Feinstein of the Washington Post thinks Anderson needs to fire Edsall before things get any more worse.

Edsall’s boss, Athletic Director Kevin Anderson, should cancel that recruiting trip. And Edsall’s reevaluation. Anderson should do the reevaluation. And here’s the conclusion he should reach in about 15 seconds: Maryland needs a new football coach.

Randy Edsall should be fired — today.

Surely fans are disappointed in the Terps losing seven more games in 2011 than they did in 2010, especially considering how dramatically they lost them.  Maryalnd was blown out by double digits in their last seven games of the season despite coach Edsall telling the media that his way of coaching was right.

Feinstein argues that even though the University is in a financial rut, spending more money on a coach will help increase attendance at home games because fans no longer want to see the team that Edsall has put together.

He also thinks that Anderson was “ordered not to hire Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who certainly would not have gone 2-10 and could not possibly have offended as many people along the way as Edsall has.”

Simply put, Feinstein says that Edsall should be fired because “he doesn’t get it.”

Is it already time for Maryland to start over again?

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  1. Let me just say that I tried to register and someone had already done so- in February.

  2. This KNUCKLEHEAD should be “shown the door”. FREDTERP

  3. I think hiring Randy Edsall was a huge mistake. He has cost Maryland fans, who don’t want to show up. Kevin Anderson needs to be replaced, too. The two decisions he has made were not thought through, and now the cost to Maryland’s flagship school is the cutting of many sports which provide an education and scholarships to talented students, while bolstering the reputation of Maryland as an awesome college. I shudder to think where our sports programs have come despite multiple good years for the team. Reneging on his word that Ralph Friedgen would continue this year, and replacing him with Edsall is a knee jerk reaction by the current athletic director. I stopped my support of the school today and will not resume unless there are structural changes in the organization.

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