John Harbaugh on Cam CameronYes, the Ravens probably wouldn’t be parading their Lombardi Trophy through the streets of Baltimore this morning if Cam Cameron had called their plays during the postseason, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be given some credit for the team’s success.

Head coach John Harbaugh told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated that he thinks Cameron should be rewarded with a ring as he deserves a share of credit. “I wish people could see that,” Harbaugh added.

As I watched Joe Flacco audible out of a 3-and-1 run play and instead pass down the sideline to Anquan Boldin in a drive that ended with Justin Tucker’s field goal that put the Ravens up 34-29, I thought to myself “no way this would happen under Cam Cameron.” But hey, if Harbaugh says he should get a ring, give him a ring.