John Harbaugh on firing Cam CameronBaltimore reporters called John Harbaugh’s Monday press conference “awkward“.  The Ravens head coach said Joe Flacco was not consulted over the decision to fire Cam Cameron and never directly answered questions about owner Steve Bisciotti’s role.

“I’m not getting into any of that,” Harbaugh answered when asked if the decision came from above.

Harbs denied his sideline disagreement with Cam Cameron that was reported in the Baltimore Sun and called the (now) former Ravens offensive coordinator “an excellent coach” adding that he is “proud of what he’s accomplished here.”

It all seems like lofty praise for someone he fired.

Tony Lombardi of Russell Street Report speculates that the decision to fire Cam likely came from Bisciotti as part of the analysis of Joe Flacco and his future with the Ravens.

The timing of the move is curious to some but the guess here is that the move came from the top. If Steve Bisciotti is going to get his checkbook out in March, he has to know what he’s buying in Flacco and right now he doesn’t.

This is a move that should have happened two seasons ago but Cameron was saved by the owner’s lockout. Last year he was saved because the team was one dropped pass away from a second trip to the Super Bowl. But this season, Flacco’s up and down play ushered in today’s inevitable announcement.

It all seems to make sense. The Ravens need to know what they would be getting with Flacco long-term and feel that they can’t make that decision with Cameron calling the plays. If it were up to Harbaugh, I’m sure Cameron would still be the OC.

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  1. Look, Harbaugh is a lot of things…Poor game manager, No Xs and Os experience, poor time manager, poor communicator with his players ( see near mutiny in October), a stiff, scripted public speaker, loathesome, arrogant, let’s his team’s play undisciplined – 2nd most penalties in the NFL, makes the worst challenges, BUT…

    He IS loyal to his family friends. Mattison, Cameron, Pees, all cronies of the Harbaugh Bunch. I’m sure it was tough for him to fire Cameron. Aside from the family friendship, Cameron has forgotten more about football than Harbaugh knows about it.

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