The early indications appear to be correct. In his press conference on Monday, John Harbaugh told the media that “Cam Cameron is our offensive coordinator.”

Harbaugh acknowledged the work of all of his coaches saying, “‘I really like our coaching staff, top to bottom. There’s not a guy I’m disappointed in.”

Despite the lack of improvement on offense, Harbaugh was pleased with the end output, a 12-4 regular season.  “I know Cam’s a tremendous coach. We didn’t have a great year statistically, but we had a lot of wins.”

Aaron Wilson of points out that the Ravens were very middle of the road in all of the offensive categories this season.

The Ravens finished the regular season ranked 22nd in total offense, averaging 322.9 yards per contest.

They were 14th in rushing, averaging 114.4 yards per contest.

And they were 20th in passing offense, passing for 208.4 yards per game, and were 16th in scoring offense with a 22.3 average.

Harbaugh is pleased with that?

The biggest flaw the offense had going down the stretch was their inability to keep the defense off the field.  This left the Ravens looking gassed against stronger passing offenses later in the games.

While Harbaugh isn’t disappointed in his staff at least two players on offense have spoken out about their limited roles.  Both LeRon McClain and Donte Stallworth voiced their disappointment in limited playing time on their twitter pages.

Personally, I think the offense was very disappointing.  It certainly had it flaws, but statistically it got worse from last season.  The wins, which Harbaugh points out as the offense’s positive aspect, were improved in the regular season, but not when they mattered in the playoffs.

Were you disappointed in the Ravens’ coaching staff this season?