John Harbaugh won’t stand for stinking cheaters.

When asked this morning about the Saints bounty controversy, Harbaugh compared it to Spygate in New England.  “In the end, everything is brought before the light of day, when it’s all said and done,” he told 98 Rock.

“What happens, even the thing in New England, no matter whether those things had any impact on whether they won their championships or not, they got asterisks now. It’s been stained.”

I’ve been saying this for years.  Take away cheating and Tom Brady and how smart is the genius Bill Belichick?

“You have to find a way to do things better than somebody else,” Harbaugh added.  “But if you’re cheating, in the end, you’re going to get discredited. It’s not worth it.”

Expect these comments to get the full ESPN treatment.  Side by side arguments between Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, Rachel Nichols live at Owings Mills and Toss Up on PTI.  Get ready.

UPDATE: Harbaugh issued a statement this afternoon in response to the coverage of his comments.

“While on the 98 Rock show this morning to talk about the run to honor O.J. Brigance and raise funds for ALS research, I answered a question about playing within the rules and referred to the perception that the Super Bowl championships won by the Patriots and Saints have a stain. My reference was to the perception out there that came as the result of the league’s actions. I could have been more clear that I was referring to those viewpoints.”

I liked it better when he meant it.