Firing Cam Cameron didn’t seem like an easy decision for Baltimore Ravens‘ head coach John Harbaugh. Although it might not have been his decision at all.

Harbs wouldn’t address owner Steve Bisciotti’s involvement in Cameron’s release during a press conference on Monday and the rumor mill seems to think that Harbaugh himself could be coaching for his job given the team’s underperformance this season.

“Rumors swirling that others on Ravens staff could be on the hot seat,” Russell Street Report tweets.

At 9-4, the Ravens still look to make the postseason for the fifth consecutive year, but that may not be enough. The New England Patriots appear to be a force in the AFC after they ripped apart the Houston Texans secondary on Monday night– something Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense couldn’t do.

With back-to-back home games against the Manning brothers and a date with the Bengals in Cincinnati coming up, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for the Ravens to lose out to finish the season. Would Harbaugh be fired if they did?

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  1. Harbaugh should never have been hired in the first place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what credentials did he have ? He has been exposed time and time again and it is past time for him to go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,He knows he is on the ‘hot seat’ and he let Cam go in a desperate move to save his job , he will try anything now since he knows if he doesn’t get them to the super bowl he may be gone or should I say will be gone………………….ON a note , with that O-line , I’m not sure Jesus could turn that offens around,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Merry Christmas to all…………………

  2. spy, Jesus could turn the offense around, but I do agree with everything else you said.

    We’ve wasted 5 years of “making the playoffs” with this clown Harbaugh-less. The sucker fans here have basked in the glory of “making the playoffs” while teams like New England, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis have won Super Bowls.

  3. The teams problem is coaching. Harbs makes dumb gametime decisions all the time. the good teams are getting better as the season goes on. We seem to peak early on then stink it up. We have made the playoffs because we have good players. I think the current coaching staff has played it safe too often and wasted our talent.

  4. Yeah, I’m ready for Harbaugh and Pees to go. On the bright side, Cam Cameron was a MAJOR liability… so I’m glad that he’s at least gone. We still have a lot of work to do though.

    I have hope.

  5. Goodbye Ravens!!!!…No offense…and omg …no defense….A new cordinator wont help this team…Are defense couldnt stop a high school team…Hopefully we can get some defensive players in the draft…also we should draft a qb ..Flacco is horrible..

  6. Two quarters worth of 3 and outs will wear and old defense down. If the offense can figure out how to stay on the field for another five minutes per game that would help alot. So yes a better operating offense can help a defense tremendously. They way to beat the mannings is to keep them on the bench for as long as possible.

  7. I cannot believe all of the talk about getting rid of Harbaugh. Makes me question the mentality of the typical Raven’s fan. Harbaugh’s fault that we get the short-end of the stick with the officiating weekly, and that Lee Evans/Dickson/T.J., /Boulden drop very catchable balls. Look at his record while reviewing the seasonal schedule.

    • Marty Schottenheimer. Norv Turner. Andy Reid. John Harbaugh.

      They’re all the same guy. If you’re happy reviewing his regular season record and a playoff win or two, take your picks from any of the above. All are pretty good coaches, not great, pretty good.

      Wake me up when Ground Hogs Day is over. 10, 11 wins, a win or two in the playoffs, and then “wait’ll next year…we were only a play or two away”. Yeah, with one of the most dynamic backs in the league, two HOFers on defense, perennial Pro Bowlers Suggs and Ngata. One of the league’s highest paid offensive lineman in Yanda. Chris, you and I could coach ’em up to 10-11 wins a year. It’s called underachieving.

  8. A bunch of whiny, spoiled babies. Me, me, me. I want a Super Bowl, anything else doesn’t matter to me.

    Look, Harbaugh’s not perfect, but there was no offense here when he took over, and all he’s done is go 53-24 in his first 5 years as a head coach.

    Look around. Very few coaches do this.

  9. Most of the “dropped” passes are because the receivers are having to turn back and catch an underthrown pass, or jump for golory to catch an overthrown one. Flacco has no accuracy and our recievers play as much D trying to fight off an interception as they do O in trying to make the catch.

  10. For arguments sake, get rid of Harbaugh, who are you going to bring in to replace him? I don’t see Chuckie coming to B-more.

  11. If our team was at full strength I don’t think anybody would be bashing the coaching staff and Flacco at all. It’s a long, tough season and whoever is healthier and hot going into the playoffs usually comes home with the trophy. The whining about this club makes me sick and moreover convinces me that most of you have no clue as to what it takes to win a championship. The injuries on this years club has been worse than at any time I have seen since our team has been in Baltimore. If Flacco has time, he can throw with the best of them. Given a little more load in play calling and he will make the right calls. Just watch and see how good he can be now that he will be given free reign to call his own plays. Johnny Unitas said no coach can see from the sidelines what needs to be done at the line of scrimmage more than the quarterback. If we can get Lewis and Suggs back on defense for the rest of the season and playoffs the defense will be much improved. Definately need to shore up the O-liine as well and move Oher back to RT and let McKinney protect Flaccos blindside. We will be ok, keep the faith Baltimore.

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