Cam Cameron seems to forget about Ray RiceThe Baltimore Ravens have one of the best running backs in the NFL, yet somehow it continues to be acceptable for offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to only use him nine times.


In his Monday press conference, John Harbaugh admitted that perhaps the Ravens might have quit just a tad too prematurely on their running game.

“No, we could have stayed with the run a little more patiently. Once they got the tip-ball interception, we felt like we needed to try to get back in that thing a little bit more quickly because of the type of team they are. We probably all say we could have been a little bit more patient with the run – whether it’s Ray Rice or Bernard Pierce or whoever it is. We want to get the ball in all of our playmakers’ hands. We probably didn’t do that like we wanted to – whether it’s screens or handing it off to Ray [Rice] or pushing it downfield to Anquan [Boldin] or whatever.”

I know it’s not fancy, but running screen passes to Ray Rice all game doesn’t bother me. It actually works. So maybe try that next time instead.