I feel like a proud Papa.

This is my guy.

No, I’m not about to tear my rotator cuff patting myself on the back about a baseball player who I’ve never met, spoken to or even been within shouting distance of. Let alone hit one fungo his way.

It’s not about me.

Joanthan Rufino Jezus Schoop is the Orioles 2017 AL All Star representative and it couldn’t have happened a more deserve guy/player/teammate.

My third-and eldest son-is currently slashing at a .293/.348/.538 clip for you seam-heads who think FanGraphs invented baseball.

For the older set-like myself, mi hijo has been carrying the Orioles offense the first half and has 16 big fly’s as well as now sitting in the 3-hole for what was thought of as one of the best offensive teams in the AL just a month ago.

Listen, Johnny Baseball isn’t the Orioles best player. His bestie is.

But what player on the current Orioles 25-man stock has risen higher since his debut 9/25/2013 than this guy?

Maybe his aforementioned bestie who was his biggest cheerleader when it was announced Schoop was the Orioles rep?


But Manny was drafted 3rd overall (2010) and quickly ascended to become a potential $300+mil player, which comes with the territory if you are drafted that high.

Props to Manny.

He’s a future Hall of Famer whether he goes in to Cooperstown in the Orioles Bird logo or another bi-coastal ball club, IMO.

But for a guy who was born on an island (Willemstad, Curacao) back when I was just graduating high school (1991, don’t judge me) and was signed by the good guys as a free agent in 2008 for what probably today would buy you in a house in Canton; he’s done good.

Damn good.

Now go out there and give that South Florida “crowd” a blast and come back to us healthy, son.