In a 2-2 game in the bottom of the seventh, Adam Jones showed exactly why he’s an AL MVP candidate.

Jones reached first by being hit by a pitch, he then quickly advanced to third on a Nelson Cruz to right field. The next batter was Chris Davis, and his fly out to shallow centerfield ended up being enough for AJ to reach home with the game winning run. It certainly wasn’t a play you’d expect to see a runner tag up on, but Twins outfielder Danny Santana took it nonchalantly, and Jones scored easily.

The hustle that Jones shows exactly why Jones is the team leader here in Baltimore. He will do anything and everything to score a run. He got on base by being hit by a pitch, took the extra base on a single, then made the most of a bad throw.

Earlier this week Jones jokingly commented that his favorite part about Baltimore was the airport because he’s leaving town. Many in Baltimore overreacted to his comments, I’m guessing performances like tonight will make many forget.