Kevin GausmanKen Rosenthal has a great piece on about the Orioles pitching depth and why they chose not to spend on/give up a draft pick for Kyle Lohse this winter. In it he discusses the development of future 1-2 Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman.

After watching him pitch two scoreless innings and striking out three, Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes praised the O’s 22-year-old.

“A young guy like that who throws 98 and can throw his off-speed stuff for strikes … forget about it,” Gomes said.

Well, Jonny, scouts say that while Gausman’s changeup is nasty, his slider is a work in progress …

“He doesn’t need it to be good,” Gomes interrupted. “If you’ve got three plus-plus pitches, now you’re Verlander. You should be OK with a little less than Verlander.”

Gomes said the difference between Gausman and Bundy is “night and day,” but right now it’s not a surprise that he’s ahead. After pitching in college, Gausman should be slightly more Major League ready than his 20-year-old teammate.