The latest hot stove rumors indicate that the Baltimore Orioles are interested in free agent outfielder Jonny Gomes. The O’s have been linked to a plethora of outfielders this offseason, including Cody Ross and Josh Hamilton and they appear to be in talks with postseason hero Nate McLouth.

Gomes was a part of baseball’s other top underdog story this year, the Oakland A’s, and is thought of around the game as a great teammate and fun personality. “I covered Gomes in his early years with the Rays and he’d be an easy fit into the Orioles clubhouse,” Eduardo Encina wrote in Baltimore Sun.

In addition to providing outfield depth, Gomes bat could be used in the DH spot against left handed pitching. Last year he hit .299 with 11 of his 18 homers in 194 plate appearances against southpaws. He’s a career .284 hitter against lefties.

Gomes would take at-bats away from Chris Davis, but that’s probably the plan. Davis hit .265/.297/.496 with 7 of his 33 homers against lefties in 2012. A Gomes/Davis DH platoon would actually be great for the Birds.