Over the weekend the Orioles faced the Red Sox in a Grapefruit League matchup in which Josh Beckett took the hill against Armando Gallaraga.

Beckett threw five innings, allowed two hits and one earned run before talking with the media.  The Red Sox starter said that he had a chance to meet Orioles prospect Manny Machado who happened to be a big fan of his in 2003 when the Marlins won the World Series.

“[I] guess that means I’m old,” he told Didier Morias of NESN.com.  “I guess (Machado) wasn’t a Josh Beckett fan because he was taking some hard swings.”

So if you’re a fan of a guy you shouldn’t try hard against him?

Machado went 0-1 with two walks on Saturday and apparently swung too hard for Josh Beckett’s liking.