Josh Hamilton to Orioles?What if Josh Hamilton hit four home runs in one game Camden Yards for the Baltimore Orioles rather than against them.

You know what? I won’t be greedy. I’ll take three.’s Danny Knobler made the bold prediction that the O’s would sign Hamilton, arguably the biggest free agent on the market, this offseason.

Knobler: “Orioles. They need to capitalize on a breakthrough year. With the fans back involved and attendance up, they should be willing to spend. Most of the usual big spenders (Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Tigers) don’t seem interested. Plus, Camden Yards may bring back good memories — because that’s where Hamilton hit four home runs in a game last May.”

Hamilton won’t come cheap. Reports indicate that he’s looking for a six year, $175 million deal. If I were Dan Duquette — or any GM for that matter — I don’t think going above four is smart.

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  1. This team still shudders when it thinks about the deal they gave to Joey Belle and at the time, he was not a huge risk. Hamilton has WAY too many skeletons in his closet. God speed to the young man, but let Boston make that mistake.

  2. If this guy had unbelievable postseason stats, then i would say go for it. But, hitting .190, .270 and .000 in the past three postseasons says nothing. I would hope the Orioles stick with what they have right now in McClouth, Jones and Markakis with McClouth coming a lot cheaper than Hamilton. They should be using that money for a frontline starter and making sure that bullpen comes back strong.

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