It is amazing the celebrities that come out for a Lakers game. It even happens when the Lakers travel on the road. On Tuesday night while watching the Wizards-Lakers game there were some local celebrities at the Verizon Center which included Jason Werth, Joe Flacco, Donovan McNabb, Deangelo Hall, Carlos Rogers, Willis McGahee, Brian Westbrook Mitchell, Chris Horton, Mike Sellers and Gary Williams.

Needless to say, it was interesting when the Jumbotron scanned and showed faces and how the crowd reacted. For the Redskins like McNabb and Sellers, there was just straight booing. For the Ravens, it was a mixed bag of cheers and boos. Fans seemed pretty excited about the Werth signing. However, the one that stood out were the cheers for Gary Williams.

It seemed to be a cheer for his twenty-two years at his alma mater but as with the cheers and jeers from above, the fans seemed to be cheering for present day success or failure. Needless to say, the Terps season has been a bit underwhelming. They have won the games they should win but when the Terps have played teams with equal or better talent, they have come up short (Boston College, Pitt, Illinois, Temple). They have three cupcakes left on the schedule (NJIT, North Florida, Colgate) before traveling to Duke on January 9. If they win all three of them, their record would be 11-4 and 0-1 in the ACC. So it is time for a little midseason reevaluation. What would constitute a good season for the Terps knowing what you know now? Will the wheels fall off causing the fans to boo?

For me, I feel the Terps will improve this season but based on what I have seen I am trying to set my expectations accordingly. I think they will get somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten victories in the ACC and they get maybe a top 4 seed in ACC tournament. They may be able to get to the semifinals of the ACC tourney which puts them in the neighborhood of 19 to 23 wins and something like a 6 or 7 seed in the Big Dance. Is that asking too much? How do you see the Terps finishing?