Are the Orioles interested in Justin Smoak?

All it took for the Mariners to acquire Kendrys Morales was Jason Vargas, who was 9-6 with a 4.78 ERA away from Safeco Field last season. It’s hard to say if the Orioles “missed out” given Morales’ injury history, but he could have been a good fit at first base in Baltimore.

One possible fit for the Orioles — as speculated by ESPN’s Buster Olney — is Mariners first baseman Justin Smoak. The 26 year old former first round draft pick was traded from Texas to Seattle in the Cliff Lee deal back in 2010. Smoak hit .209/.304/.382 with 39 home runs and 120 RBI over three seasons with the M’s.

He hasn’t quite turned into the slugger that he was projected to be, which obviously means his price is likely low. Olney says that the Orioles like Smoak’s swing and trying him out in a smaller ballpark may be worth it as long as he doesn’t cost the O’s a big name.

Smoak could be looking to redeem himself and what place to do that than in Baltimore?

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  1. Dude has been a bench player on my fantasy team a few times. Has mostly disappointed.

  2. Why does the Orioles always want reclamation projects?

    It gets so tiring all the specualtion every year of who the Orioles will try to get and they always, I say always get bums…

    All the fans with blinders on speak of Duquettes plan… There ain’t no freaking plan different from the past 15 years. It’s the same plan, spend as least amount of money as possible by signing injured or reclamation projects or old players. That’s it, that’s the plan and everyone knows it.

    Just look at this year… The Orioles and this isn’t a good thing usually get compared to the Pirates, Royals or Indians when in years past they were compared to the Yankees, RedSox or Dodgers. I left off teams like Toronto who just went nuts this year, the RedSox who for some odd reason seem to be signing utility players for big bucks, the Angels and Dodgers who go first class with their signings/trades…


    Dan Schlereth signed to a minor league contract
    Trayvon Robinson acquired for Robert Andino
    Jason Pridie signed to a minor league contract
    Lew Ford resigned to a minor league contract
    Yamaico Navarro acquired for a minor leaguer
    Nate McClouth resigned to a 1 year contract

    This list doesn’t include all the guys Double “D” signed from the Glen Burnie Semi Pro Patriot League or the various clowns from Fuji, Ho Chi Minh City, Iceland or Denmark.


    Dan Wheeler
    Ervin Santana
    George Sherrill
    James Shields
    Wade Davis
    Xavier Nady
    Jeremy Guthrie


    Drew Stubbs
    Mark Reynolds
    Ubaldo Jimenez
    Mike Aviles


    Russell Martin
    Jason Grilli
    Pedro Alvarez
    Francisco Liriano

    Now I’m not saying that the Orioles should have signed/traded for all these guys but merely showing how even these teams the Orioles are compared to have spent money or traded for mid-level players to help them out.

    The Orioles have everyone of you finagled. I’ve said it before, last year was goina be bad for Oriole fans because now the Orioles brass think they can win with those minor leaguers they got last year again and will go cheap even more so this year. And as it stands, I’m correct so far.

    If the Orioles were serious and wanted to show you fans they mean business then Adam LaRoche would be signed to a 3 year contract. But it’s not going to happen because the Orioles signed minor leaguer (Has only played like 60 games in the Majors since 2008) Conor Jackson for 1st.

    I would feel bad for you fans but you keep spending the money on this shit and that’s all managment looks at.

    Maybe to draw fans in this year the Brass will have plastic statues of players in the “Orioles Hall of Fame”…

    BTW, I am a lifelong orioles fan… Just not a fan of Angelos and the Front Office.

    • Ravens2848228884244…Man, that was a little harsh, don’t you think? Justin, did, afterall, average 13 homers the last three years…Surely you’d agree he’d be an upgrade over last year’s big 1B acquisition Nick “The Wrist” Johnson, who averaged 13 surgeries in that same time span…

  3. You like Justy Smoak ‘Top 25 Finalist for Best Skiing in a Gay Porn Film’? He’s not a good player.

    • No, no, Leonardo…I don’t want Smoke here anymore than I do Lew Ford or Danny Schlereth or Dana Eveland or David Segui or Mark McElmore or Geronimo Gil or Jeffrey Hammonds or Corey Patterson or Feliz Pie or the then 42-year old Ray Knight…And, I don’t want Richard Porcello for JJ Hardy, either…

  4. I liked Jeff HAMMOND. Don’t care for Smoke, Eveland, Gil, MacLemore, or Peterson. Who would be shortstop if Laurel’s mate, Hardy was traded? Machido? I think Machido is overrated. He di nothing after his initial 10 games. I have this feeling that Dylan Bundy is going to go the same way Big Ben McDonald went. Don’t mine my joking in the last message. I like joking like that. It’s ok that you like sipping wine from the slipper of male prostitute.

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