Ravens fans should be pissed about Cundiff’s miss in the AFC Championship. That sucked, and really I am not sure there is any coming back from that. Trust me, I cheered for the Bills in the early 90’s and the reality of a huge miss killed Scott Norwood’s career. Cundiff would virtually have to have the perfect off-season to even be considered. That includes making his kicks and getting distance on kickoffs once again.

Word from camp on Monday was that Cundiff struggled, missing two kicks from 28 and 38. It wasn’t the first time he struggled in camp.

So who do the Ravens have waiting in the wings? Justin Tucker, the undrafted free agent out of Texas. Mind you, he had some huge kicks for the ‘Horns but it wasn’t like he was super consistent.  He missed four kicks as a senior.

Okay, Tucker has been having a strong camp, especially given Cundiff’s blunder, but is a rookie kicker what the Ravens need as a Super bowl contender? The last time they went inexperienced, we had to endure Steven Hauschka, and those were not good days.

This kid could be awesome, but it seems like the starting kicking job is a lot to ask out of Tucker, and I have to admit, it will be a while before I could be confident that he was going to make the crucial conversions.