The run the Orioles have put together this season certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Nothing does in baseball’s toughest division.

At 41-31, the O’s find themselves in second place in the American League East on June 25. By the time they won 41 games in 2011, they had already lost 60. In 2010, they had already lost 77 when their win total reached 41.

It’s an amazing accomplishment and everyone deserves credit. The players, the coaches, the GM — even the previous GM — and especially the manager.

ESPN’s Karl Ravech tweeted his top five American League Managers of the Year on Sunday night and Buck Showalter ranked number one. The O’s skipper found himself ahead of Robin Ventura, Bobby Valentine, Manny Acta and Joe Girardi on Ravech’s list.

Of course, the key to winning the honor will be staying 10+ games over .500 for the next 90 games of the season. If the O’s can do that, Showalter will run away with the honor.

Let’s hope it won’t be the only thing the Orioles win this year.

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  1. Unlike the other coach in town, this guy has a pedigree and squeezes every last ounce of talent out of his players.

    The other guy has a class of HOFers and simply “makes the playoffs”.

  2. The other guy….the Baltimore Blast manager?

  3. Manager of the Year? Not yet, only if he reaches a .500 record. Then, he’s sure to get it. What’s it been, 14 years now since .500 ball?

  4. I agree Showalter has done a very good job at reorganizing and revamping that Orioles team. I didn’t even want to look at them for a while but, now I am impressed. Good going Showalter.

  5. No way,,,,,the O’s will be below .500 when it’s all over this year,,,,,,,,,,,

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