Before I truly dig into this ad campaign, I should say that I have never been to the Preakness. Which is truly a crime as a Baltimorean. With that said, I’m not exactly enticed to get out to Pimlico given the audience that they are targeting. Maybe I’m an old man at heart, but the Maryland Jockey Club’s new Preakness ad campaign, “Be Legendary,” centered around a centaur named Kegasus is everything wrong with this great historical event.

Kegasus ads have started popping up on the radio and TV, I have embedded one below.

Maybe the Maryland Jockey Club knows more than I do about their fans, but targeted drunken, shirtless idiots to Preakness just seems wrong. If anything they should be trying to cover up that these are the biggest fans of the Preakness and start trying to use the history of this legendary race to draw more horse racing fans.

I’ve been to Delaware Park and Charlestown to bet on horses. It’s fun enough without having to get blackout drunk. Why not try to reach an audience that has never experienced this great sport rather than trying to build up the insanity that is the infield.

Once again, I’ll steer clear of Preakness in 2011. Kegasus just doesn’t convince me to get out to Pimlico, it makes me want to stay home and watch on TV.