ESPN’s Keith Law has been catching mad grief from Orioles fans on Twitter. His comments about the O’s have even sparked respected local media personalities to question why the disdain for one of the best stories in baseball.

I’ve never been one to whine about national media member’s biases because I feel that fans create them more than they are actually there. However, Law had nothing good to say about the Orioles in his most recent Baseball Today podcast on ESPN.

“There’s literally nothing that the Orioles can do to convince me that they are a good team,” Law ranted. “They’re like the eighth best team in the American League.”

The eighth best team in the AL is tied for the second best record.

“I can just tell you objectively — are they better than Oakland or the Angels, the Rays, Tigers, the White Sox, the Rangers, the Yankees? No, I don’t think they’re better than any of those clubs. I don’t think they’re better than a healthy Blue Jays club.”

If the Orioles have a better record than the Angels, Rays, Tigers and White Sox, how are they a worse team?

“It’d be nice if they outscored their opponents on the season,” Law suggested referring to the tireless run differential argument.

And he’s right, the Orioles have a negative run differential. -19 to be exact. However, their run differential against all teams except the Angels and Rangers is +44.

“Yeah they might make the playoffs, okay. I doubt it. I mean they’re inferior to all those teams I just listed.”