Let’s be honest, country music is terrible. Tonight, Kenny Chesney gave me yet another reason to blindly dislike an entire genre of music.

Former Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar tweeted the picture below of himself, Secretary of State John Kerry, actor Mike O’Malley and country music star Kenny Chesney all sporting Red Sox gear at Fenway Park for game six — well except for Millar, look at the hair. Kerry and O’Malley are Massachusetts natives, Millar was on the 2004 World Series championship team and Chesney, well, he’s just a guy who’s from Tennessee wearing a Red Sox hat at a World Series game.

Kenny Chesney - Red Sox fan

In fact, Chesney was born in Tennessee, he graduated from Gibbs High School in Corryton, Tennesse and attended college at East Tennessee State University.

Chesney apparently became a Sox fan while watching “This Week in Baseball” as a kid. At least, that’s what he told the Boston Herald.

The Sox are World Series champions and it’s fans like Chensey, from Tennesse or Severna Park or Dover, that will be back in full force at Camden Yards in 2014.