Kevin GausmanHey look, Kevin Gausman is back in the Major Leagues. The Orioles recalled the 22 year old righty from Triple-A Norfolk and optioned Freddy Garcia to fill Gausman’s spot on the Tides’ roster.

Garcia departs the O’s 25 man roster after giving up seven runs in 2.1 innings pitched against the Blue Jays on Sunday. He’s 3-5 with a 5.77 ERA in 11 starts with the Orioles. It should be noted that Garcia can decline the assignment and elect free agency.

Gausman returns to Baltimore after one-start with the Tides in which he surrendered seven runs on 10 hits over six innings.’s Roch Kubatko tweets that Gausman could be available in relief, should the Orioles need it, in tonight’s game against the Indians. The Orioles haven’t announced whether he’d take Garcia’s turn in the rotation and pitch Friday.

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  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    At least they didn’t pay him $26.5 million over 2 years like my boy Ryan “Freakin” Dempster to be 4-8 (on a first place team, no less) with an ERA at 4.25.

  2. Your right, they didn’t pay him 26.5 million but they did pay him to put up a 5.77 ERA.

    • Pole – They paid Garcia about the same amount that they pay you down at the Quickie Mart.

      You still running that “Manager’s Special” on buy one Beef Jerky and get a large Icee free deal?

      • They go this route everytime. Find some guy past his prime, pay him the minimum, then when he doesn’t work out you say “They paid Garcia about the same amount that they pay you down at the Quickie Mart.” Here’s a nobel thought, how about do some homework and find someone that can really help the team. Let me ask you a question, Tell me how the Cardinals can let a guy like Pujols, or Carpenter go and never miss a beat, best record in baseball, how is STL able to do that?

        • Oh, I see how they did it, they drafted people and developed them (Molina, Craig), even got a few from other teams as minor league players (Freese, Wainwright), and they developed them as well. The Cards even had the audacity to go after a few FA’s when they needed them, (Beltran, Holliday). It looks like they did it just about every way possible. Looks like they did it the same way everyone does it, draft, develop, and trade. But then they pick up a free agent, it isn’t some turd for the minimum.

          • Oh yeah, one last thing, please quit using the Dempster analogy, I’ve heard it 100 times,

          • They also have ownership that does not get in the way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it makes a huge difference…………………

          • Pole, exactly. O’s need to work on developing young talent, not trading for so called “Aces”.

            Thanks for coming over to my side.

          • I didn’t come over to your side. They haven’t done well in any of the three fazes. There is a time and a place for FA acquisitions. Our debate has been is now one of those times, you obviously don’t think so, I think it is if they want to win now. If 2013 isn’t when they want to make a push, then stand pat and ride these ponies to the finish line.

          • Also Quikie Mart is putting my kid through college, the jerky and icees have been selling like hot cakes.

          • I’ve asked you what free agents? No one wants to pitch in the east, including Lee. And certainly no one wanted to pitch in Baltimore until the last 18 months.

            It’s a moot argument. Its not even a viable argument.

          • Besides, there are no free agents in June. It’s trades and they can’t afford to trade any potential prospects. You buy low and sell high, they have no one to sell high right now.

  3. Appears to be a panic move from my perspective…Garcia out and Gausman in, WTH?
    Other than 15 years chronologically what have you gained? Garcia gives up seven while Gausman gives up the same amount in AAA. O’s will certainly lose Garcia.

  4. I think that it’s nothing more than a stopgap while waiting for Chen and possibly Wada. And why not keep Gausman here as a reliever anyway? He certainly wouldn’t be the first future starter to start his career in the bullpen.

  5. I like the move,,,,,,,,,,,,Kevin needs all the ‘big league’ time he can get while perfecting his craft,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kevin may be the closest thing to an Ace the O’s have had in a while , while he may not be part af a Calvary he does represent quite a prospect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the only thing that worries me is how the O’s develop pitchers…………………….

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