Knowshon Moreno hurdles Ed ReedEd Reed opted not to shake hands with the Broncos after the Baltimore Ravens were “embarrassed” 34-17 by Denver. Don’t worry though, Reed passed along his respect to them in his postgame press conference.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Reed decided not the exchange pleasantries was that he was still getting over Knowshon Moreno hurdling him in the open field. I might not want to shake hands either after that either.

“I was not expecting him to jump,” Reed told the media after the game. “I couldn’t react. I was dealing with sickness early in game. Had flu symptoms.”

That explains it.

“[I] thought there was no way he was going to jump,” Reed added. “A leap for two yards? He can have it. It happens.”

Reed is right. Moreno would have been better off going right after him.

Knowshon Moreno hurdles Ed Reed