There aren’t too many guys that like Baltimore so much that they cry when they get traded.  Koji Uehara was dealt by the Orioles to pitch for the American League Champion Texas Rangers and on his way out the door he thanked the organization that brought him to America.

I’ll always remember that.

Uehara’s love for the Charm City continued this offseason when he recommended the Orioles to free agents Tsuyoshi Wada of Japan and Wei-Yin Chen of Taiwan.

I love this guy.

On Wednesday, Uehara rejected a deal with the Blue Jays.  I guess Canada isn’t for him.  Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says that Texas could potentially still deal him back to Baltimore.

Something tells me he wouldn’t invoke his no trade clause for that move.

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  1. He obviously didn’t stay in the city before or after the games………….

  2. BRING BACK KOJI !!!!!!

  3. Right…Just what we need…A guy who didn’t fare well in the bright spotlight of “meaningful games”…Yeah, he did okay here, but is he really the answer? Whatever, if he comes back, he comes back…For yet another 71 Win Season as Peter keeps counting the MASN money! Seriously, did you see the Washington Post story last week that had the Nationals getting $29 Million from MASN with their THIRTEEN PERCENT SHARE OF THE DEAL…SPY, you can do the math from there on the O’s take…

    • You bet , the Angelos trust Fund must be looking pretty good………………that is why baseball is dead in Baltimore, but the Angelos family is alive an well……………God Bless America………….

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