Kurt Warner lists his top five quarterbacks of 2013, omits Joe FlaccoOne of the NFL fan’s favorite games to play between August and February is the “We Get No Respect” game. It’s a simple game where every one loses and it’s suitable for fans ages 5 and up.

Basically you listen to any number of the league’s numerous analysts and talk about how they undermine your favorite team and/or player. Then you go to blogs (like this one) or message boards and talk about how said analyst(s) have a bias against your team. Fellow fans will join in and agree while occasional trolls will throw meaningless insults at the team, player or sometimes (if you’re really lucky) even you directly.

Kurt Warner lists top five quarterbacksWith the rules of the game clearly stated, here are what a couple former quarterbacks have said about the Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco. In a video on NFL.com, which I can’t embed here because the league seems to follow internet rules set in 2003, Kurt Warner listed his top five quarterbacks heading into the NFL season. Here’s the list:

  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Matt Ryan
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Drew Brees
  5. Tom Brady

Time to play! I’ll go first!

Clearly Warner hates the Ravens. He must not like steamed crabs or Berger cookies either. To overlook the guy that carried the Super Bowl champions can only mean that Warner is biased.

Didn’t you know? Every NFL analyst disrespects the Ravens. It’s a mass conspiracy. They’re in a secret society not much unlike the Illuminati.


“We still have not seen the best of Joe Flacco. Last year was the fourth inning of what Joe can really be.” 
– Three-time Super Bowl Champion Steve Young

In the end, who cares what former players and guys that talk on TV think of Joe Flacco? Why does it matter? Professional sports are about winning championships and that’s exactly what Flacco and the Ravens did last season. If people want to talk down about the champs, let them.

The Ravens are the team with the Lombardi Trophy. They’re the ones shining a new Super Bowl ring.

It’s time to stop caring about meaningless opinions and stop worrying about a lack of respect. It doesn’t matter. Winning does.