Twitter just about exploded when news surfaced that the Ravens were working out former starting quarterback Kyle Boller for some backup competition for Tyrod Taylor this summer.  Jason La Canfora of broke the news that Boller along with Dennis Dixon would be trying out for Baltimore.  Albert Breer later added Curtis Painter to that list.

In case you’ve somehow blocked the Boller-era out of your mind after years of therapy, here’s a brief synopsis on what your forgot.

  • Drafted 19th overall by the Ravens in 2003
  • 34 starts in his first three seasons: 55.6 completion percentage, 31 touchdowns, 32 interceptions
  • Replaced by Steve McNair in 2006
  • Served as the Ravens backup for two years before becoming the starter again in 2008
  • Landed on the injured reserve in ’08 and has been backing up in St. Louis and Oakland ever since
  • Best Boller nickname: Kyle “I should have been a Bowler”

To my knowledge, Boller is the only player that Baltimore fans cheered when he went down with an injury.

La Canfora tweets that the Ravens expect to increase Tyrod Taylor’s role in the offense with more Wildcat packages this season.  He expects Boller and Dixon to compete as “more drop back guys a la Flacco.”

Here’s what Michael Scott thought of the news:

Jeff Zrebiec thinks that the Ravens will make their decision on Thursday.

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  1. Wait, wait, wait, this is impossible. All of the unknowing, chucklehead noveaux Ravens fans have told me that Boller was BILLICK’s guy. This can’t be so, everything that went wrong with the Ravens was Billick’s fault. The Super Bowl win? That was all because of Marvin Lewis.

  2. Why in the F would we sign Boller. Hell, why not go wayyyy back and sign Friggin (new word I just learned from my Dundock buddy Spy)Elway! I heard Jamarcus Russel was available. Come to think of it, let’s sign the Intimidator, he looks like he could chuck a ball 10 yards or so. What does Keith Law think about that?
    F Boller bang his wife…

  3. Boller was Billicks guy. He traded up to get him as the franchise QB. He hung an old friend out to dry over him and, ultimately, lost his job because he got the pick wrong and would never admit it, losing the guys on the defnesive side of the ball. In contrast, Ozzie and company brought Boller in (along with at least two other guys) for workouts…to be a third stringer.

    What this does tell me though, is they weren’t nearly as sold on Tyrod Taylor as a legit No 2 as a rookie that they made out.

  4. Boller’s biggest problem was spelled 0-Z-Z-I-E, the GM who never built him a good pass blocking o-line (other than Ogden), and never got him reliable receivers other than Heap. Those teams were built to run. Matt Cavanaugh wasn’t much help, either.

    In 2006, Boller helped win two games, and, IMO, could have won the playoff game against the Irsays if he’d been brought in for the second half. The Irsays didn’t fear McNair, because he couldn’t throw deep, so they didn’t have to worry about long passes. Boller would have forced them to defend the whole field.

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