Ugh, Tony La Russa is pissed off because someone made a fake Twitter account that “damaged his reputation and caused emotional distress,” according to an article from

Really? Give me a break Tony.

I mean c’mon, fake Twitters are all the rage. Everybody loves the Peter Angelos Twitter. How ’bout Michael Bay, William Shatner, and Borat?

If Tony La Russa makes money from this lawsuit then I think Darth Vader should sue over his fake Twitter account.

The fake La Russa account is no longer available, but reportedly it posted a tweet that said, “Lost 2 out of 3, but we made it out of Chicago without one drunk driving incident or dead pitcher.” Which might be a little extreme considering the Cardinals lost Darryl Kile from a heart condition in his Chicago hotel room in 2002 and Josh Hancock to a car accident in April of 2007.

However the La Russa Twitter account bio did read “Parodies are fun for everyone.”

I think La Russa is making a huge deal over something that could have very easily been resolved. If the account was really causing him “emotional distress” perhaps he could have asked Twitter to remove it.

What do you think?