I think there are a certain set of rules that Baltimore Sports Fans should live by assuming they like the Ravens, O’s and Terps.

Rule #1- Never cheer for the Steelers. There is no consolation with them being from the same division. They are the enemy. The only team that you can potentially cheer for them against is the Colts. otherwise, you do not cheer for them. Period.

Rule #2- Never cheer for the Yanks or the Sox. Their fan base comes into out home and makes us feel unwelcome. Screw them. We don’t need them, and we don’t need to be cheering for them in the postseason. Both teams have won their share of titles. Enough is enough.

Rule #3- Never cheer for Duke (or really Carolina). Both programs are incredible. It is fine to respect, but that doesn’t mean cheering for them. You should be a DUKE HATER and proud of that fact.

So I am calling you out, Zach Wilt. Don’t be posting this crap about how great the ACC is doing based on the backs of Duke and Carolina. If you are a true fan, and that is what you claim to be, you should be hoping for the demise of Duke instead of taking revelry in it. You can’t have it both ways.