Sergio Kindle’s road to the NFL hasn’t gone well.  Everyone knows about the fractured skull and the DUI, but now health is no longer a concern and Kindle has reported to the Ravens facility in Owings Mills after “training his tail off” this winter.

Now the only thing holding Kindle back from earning a spot over Paul Kruger and Albert McClellan is the mental part of his game.  “I know exactly what to do on most of the stuff, as far as coverages,” Kindle said according to Rink Mink’s post on

“But offenses are audibling and motioning so much now, there’s a lot of things that change pre-snap. That’s what I have to get into and get a feel for.”

Mink reports that Kindle suffered a loss of hearing as a result of his fall down two flights of stairs.  “It is an issue,” Kindle said.  “But if you learn everything pre-snap, then you won’t have to worry about nobody giving you the call. You can see if for yourself. It always helps, but I don’t want hearing to hinder my playing, so I want to learn everything myself.” reported back in January that Kindle struggled to learn the Ravens playbook in 2011, which kept him off the field most of the season.  I still don’t think we’ll ever see Sergio Kindle pan out with the Ravens, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong.  I definitely feel that the odds aren’t in his favor.

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  1. How ironic that his mental part of the game is holding Kindle back. I hate to TOOT my own horn but is he still WACKY WEEDing and mowing his GRASS while listening to the DOOBIE brothers? Hope he is no longer a DOPE and does not SMOKE. Hope he TCB and not THCs. He can get his career back on track as long as he doesn’t NICKEL and DIME BAG it like some others. No more dome CRACKing! No more chances or he will be driving one of theose refrigerated trucks, a REEFER eating his favorite candy MARY JANE.
    Good luck Sergio!

  2. Yup, this is the Ravens’ first pick 2 years ago, albeit in round 2. Yet the “Holier than thou” Ravens’ fans will point at the Bengals and talk about how stupid they are for taking guys with checkered pasts.

    Look it up folks, the guy had a wrap sheet a mile long before they drafted him. That’s one of the reasons he dropped out of the first round.

  3. I hope you two choke and die real soon.

    • Steve,

      I’m really sorry that no one loves you. Keep on keepin on, my man.

      • I know who you really are and where you live so don’t
        mess with me.

        • Oh my goodness, I’m scared.

          I guess you’re mad because you have a girls’ name?!?

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          • The Intimidator my ass, you actually think you are scaring people, give me your address and I’ll show you who the real intimidator is.

          • Dude, you rocked me with “Chump”? My sweet little girlfriend is your wife and right about now my brothers are running a train on her.

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          • Sounds like you’ve had the experience of being around with the lights out with nails.. maybe in your Indian outfit dancing to a little disco. Or maybe cause you’re still in the closet, mushmouth.

    • Choke and die…now that is a little harsh. Damn, you related to Segio or do you sell that wacky stuff that made Sergio fall down not one but TWO flights of steps. Do you know how that is to do?

  4. You guys need professional help, you are so bitter it’s beyond crazy.

    • In other words, “how dare you question the Ravens on anything”?!?

    • I am guilty. Yes I do need professional help. The same kind of professional help that the Secret Service gets. Now Terry, you need the kind of help RuPaul gets…

    • Bitter, yes, I am bitter. When was the last time you fell down two flights of steps under mysterious circumstances? When was the lat time you were unable to work but still got $800k? When was the last time you were caught drunk driving? Well don’t answer that one, in real life you may not keep your job. Personally, I though Kindle was a good pick but after he cracked his dome, it was like Humpty Dupmty who had a great fall, all of Ozzie’s coaches and all of Harbaugh’s mentoring could not put Sergio Kindle back together again. P.S. Sergio, try some crazy glue.

  5. Terry, trying to be “Billy Badass” ain’t cutting it with me Poser. Trust me, you don’t want a piece of this BUG you candyass.

    Word of advice Hoss, leave your incoherent shit on Pulaski Highway and keep providing handjobs to the “Johns” while being paid in Bolivian Marching Powder.

  6. This is funny…

    Terry was the one who wrote: “You guys need professional help, you are so bitter it’s beyond crazy.”

    Time to check my man’s URL and get him some help.

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