One of my favorite ballpark activities is spotting and pointing out the most out of date jersey/shirtsey. Last night, I thought the guy in the Jason Berken giveaway shirt was going to be the big winner, narrowly defeating the woman showing her Brad Bergesen pride. But then a kid proudly strolled down Eutaw Street sporting a Yankees Johnny Damon t-shirt and NY cap. He won.

I didn’t find this guy, but I couldn’t be more proud of his up-to-date jersey collection. As it turns out, according to our friends at Birds Eye View, there’s at least one Orioles fan who already owns a Steve Pearce jersey.

As a guy who has seen a lot of terrible fake Chinese jerseys, that thing actually looks legit. Bravo, sir.

I can’t imagine that Pearce’s dad would sit in the upper deck, so this appears to be a fan who purchased an authentic Steve Pearce jersey. I want to be friends with this guy.

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  2. I hope you didn’t wash your car with your old Koji shirtsey SGA. MLBTR says the Orioles may be in the running to deal for their former teammate for the stretch run. As long as the price is right, I’d be all for that move.

  3. That guy is one of the biggest orioles fans out there. In 2007 my dad and I went to San Diego and Arizona when the orioles were there for a roadtrip. When we were at one of the games in Arizona I noticed this orioles fan wearing an extremely nice looking authentic jersey. (Can’t remember of whom anymore). Didn’t really think much of it though until later on in the season we saw the same guy back home in Baltimore at games. We introduced ourselves and told him we had actually seen him in Arizona at an orioles game. He told us that he goes on at least one roadtrip every year supporting the orioles, which is something my dad and I still do as well. His jersey collection is unbelievable too. All authentic looking jerseys of so many different players. Hard to believe how many different jerseys he actually has haha. He has season tickets in the upper deck section 336 (same section as we do) and is at almost every home game.

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