Alex Len, the 7 foot 1 center, for the Terps will be suspended for the first 10 games of the season after the NCAA ruled that Len violated the amateur rules. He played overseas for college and the Terps will not push the ruling since there was a chance he could have been ruled ineligible all together for the whole season. Len is able to participate in practices and exhibitions for the team.

It was definitely a possibility this could happen in the recruitment of Len but it seems like another blow hitting the Terps following the Pe’Shon injury. It leaves the Terps with 7 scholarship players and much thinner in the frontcourt. It will be another obstacle Mark Turgeon has to overcome with this young team. Hopefully, the lack of bodies with Len and Howard will not affect continuity once they return from suspension and injury.

This was going to be a tough year for the Terps but with the change to the status quo, the Terps year will get much tougher. As a fan, I am rooting for 18 wins but 14 or 15 could be more realistic and only 4 to 6 ACC wins. I hope the Terps exceed expectations and play above their heads because games are won on the court not a piece of paper.