I don’t care what you may think, if you’re an athlete you are a role model. Don’t like it? Don’t take the millions of dollars in sponsors.

We waited a little while to talk about this story. You know how we are here at BSR. We’re gonna give you the Michael Phelps story straight.

I’ve heard both sides of this story. Last night a woman had to be dumped on a sports talk radio station because she dropped the “F” bomb when talking about how relaxed the radio host was with Phelps’ behavior. That is an over reaction.

Then I’ve heard people say that Michael Phelps can do whatever he wants in his free time and that it doesn’t effect other people. That’s not a fair opinion either.

At age 19 Phelps was arrested for a DUI, which in my opinion is a dumb reckless crime and not only was he driving drunk (illegal), but he was 19 (double illegal).

Being in Baltimore and living in a college town, I’ve heard stories about how Phelps is an ass hole. But its always one of those friends of a friends whose room mate’s cousin ran into him at Panera. So I take it with a grain of salt.

But this is it for me. Phelps actions weren’t immature. Is it immature to do something illegal? I don’t think so. I think it is idiotic. He might’ve apologized but it means nothing. Phelps learned nothing from his prior crime and I’m tired of people just accepting athletes for smoking marijuana. It might not be illegal in their sport, but it is illegal in this country.

We ought to be harder on Phelps this time around.