I remember thinking back in 2009 that $27.2 million over four-years was way too much to give Domonique Foxworth.  Here we are in 2012, a year in which Foxworth is due $5.6 million, and the Ravens are expected to cut the defensive back along with Chris Carr and Lee Evans.

Foxworth is coming off two major injuries and the only way he will be back with the Ravens will be if he makes a pay cut.  Over the course of three seasons with the Ravens, Foxworth has played in just 16 games.

By comparison, Lardarius Webb has played in 44 games over that same span, made 86 more tackles and caught 3 more interceptions.  Webb is a restricted free agent in 2012.

Foxworth tore his ACL in 2010 and struggled to recover last season.  Carr suffered hamstring and back injuries and would have carried a $4.56 million cap figure in 2012.

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  1. Foxworth was paid premium starting corner money as a career second stringer – not too smart.

    He’s a nice enough guy, from Maryland, but that never warranted the stupid contract he got.

  2. Just examples of ‘panic acquisitions’ by Ozzie,,,,,,hey , but lets’ give him another free pass,,,,,,,,,,,everyone knows Ozzie has accumulated more free passes than quality acquisitions………..

  3. Z-Man, you are spot on with this one…What did Foxy have, 5 career starts before signing here?

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