ERA is a terrible statistic for relievers. It just isn’t a fair representation of their effectiveness/ineffectiveness. I pay attention to WHIP, K/BB and try to keep an eye on how they fare with inherited runners on base.’s Roch Kubtako revealed a stat more depressing to Orioles fans than the news of N’SYNC not reuniting at the VMAs to girls in the early 20s. T.J. McFarland has allowed inherited runners to score at the highest rate (13-of-25, 56.5 percent) among 91 relievers with at least 20 inherited runners.

In other words, among those that qualify, McFarland allows men on to score more than any other bullpen arm.

Come back 2012 Orioles bullpen. We miss you.

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  1. That’s interesting Zach , I also read yesterday the O’s team pitching was ranked 25th amoung all the teams in baseball , not too good………..Maybe it’s time to buy some quality arms Mr. Angelos and let the great fans of Baltimore enjoy a world series………….What do you think about this MGW , I will even take a few good numbers two’s if you don’t think he should spring for an Ace,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Question for you MGW,,,,,,,,,can you be a true number one pitcher without being an Ace ?
    AND = Do you think Tillman, Chen and Gonzo are number three’s , be honest , because I believe we only have one number two on this team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what do you think???????????

    • spy, I answered this in my other post. Free agent pitchers are busts a significant majority of the time. SF, Tampa, Atlanta, St. Louis, Oakland, more recently Pittsburgh are all among the top pitching teams who have developed their own pitching and met with a pretty fair amount of success. In very, very, very few cases has a free agent pitcher been a difference maker in producing a WS winner.

      Toronto went out and acquired 3 top shelf pitchers this offseason and where are they? Last place. Philly spent big bucks and supposedly had a staff of 4 Aces. They’ve sucked ever since getting those 4 guys.

      For every Sabathia and Greinke you give me, I’ll give you a Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, $28m Dempster, Carl Pavano, AJ Burnett (Yankees deal), Josh Beckett, RA Dickey, the list goes on and on.

  2. It’s past time spy. I don’t know what they should have done because we’ve had this discussion more than once. What I do know is this is the team you will have until the end of September so get on board or get off the bus. This team has been on the wrong course for a long time and I find it somewhat ironic that you are asking for the WS after one winning season in over a decade. I think some here in the area were spoiled from the 60’s and 70’s so their right of entitlement is somewhat out of wack. Give them a couple more years before you start demanding WS in B-more.

    • I’m not sure that can happen Pole,,,,,,,,,,,,the next few years may produce several unhappy ballplayers on this team as thet start to find out how cheap Angelos really is,,,,,,,,,,,,especially the pitchers who will not get what they are worth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • If they pay them, they’re said to be overpaid,
        If they don’t pay them they’re cheap.

        Can’t win.

      • I’m no GM but I believe they have all the major pieces in place for at least next season if not the season beyond that. The area for me that needs to improve is the pitching staff if that is possible. There have not been many significant FA’s the last few seasons and the % of them working out hasn’t been good the last few years.

  3. Why a contending team would keep a rule 5 pick on their roster the entire when he is obviously a marginal major leaguer is beyond me. They should have offered him back to the Indians or worked a trade and send him to the minors. TJ doesn’t belong in the majors at this time

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