Awesome panorama courtesy of @EddieInTheYard

You wanted to see Camden Yards sold out, well you got it. The Nationals at Orioles three game series drew a combined crowd of 133,983 between Friday-Sunday. That total surpasses their previous season high, 132,337, when the Phillies fans invaded for a three game set.

I didn’t get a chance to make it out to the Yard myself, but it sure seemed like the Orioles fans were much more well represented during this series compared to the Philadelphia series. Although Bob Carpenter might tell you that OPACY turned into #Natitude Park.

Agree to disagree.

Both Orioles and Nationals fans will downplay this matchup and tell you it’s not a rivalry. Go hop on Twitter during the games though and read the trash talk between the fan bases. They’re both getting fired up and the better the two teams are the more heated this local rivalry will become.

This is why interleague baseball games will be played all season long in 2013. Whether you like it or not, it makes money and it’s here to stay.