Luke Scott agreed to a contract with the Tampa Bay Rays today.  It’s a one year deal with an option to return in 2013.  Scott came to Baltimore in 2008 as part of the Miguel Tejada trade to Houston.   Between 2008 and 2010 Scott put up decent HR totals in the mid 20’s and gained a reputation as being one of the streakiest players in baseball.  In 2011 Scott was bitten by the injury bug and only played in 64 games.  Seeing how Scott will be turning 34 years old this coming season, and has declined statistically, the Orioles decided to non tender him last month.  The possibility of re-signing Scott had been an ongoing discussion between the Orioles and Scott since he was non tendered.  Today however marks the end of the Luke Scott era in Baltimore.

In my last piece about who the Orioles should acquire I said that last year was probably the beginning of the end for Scott.  I said that his numbers would probably rebound this season, but that it wouldn’t be a dramatic rebound.  I still believe that Luke Scott has passed his prime.  However, this is a good signing for Tampa Bay.  The Rays really lacked power last season, and Scott will continue to hit in all of the parks that he’s used to hitting in.  I don’t think Scott would have been the best sign for the Orioles, but he is a good fit in Tampa Bay.

Now that Scott is officially gone the Orioles will probably be looking to add a full time DH.  Chris Davis is set to begin the season at 3B, but could also see time at DH.  I made a complete list of guys the Oriole’s should target at each position, including DH, in my last Orioles article.  In my opinion the Orioles should now flip flop DH’s with Tampa Bay and sign Johnny Damon.  Damon was the #1 player on my list of DH’s that I would like to see the Orioles acquire.  Other options are the return of Vladimir Guerrero, Raul Ibanez, Manny Ramirez, Magglio Ordonez, and Marcus Thames.

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